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All design and content of this website is © Copyright. All rights are reserved by Redcentaur.

Personal information

Redcentaur takes great care to protect the personal information of its clients. We do not sell or offer personal information given to us in line with our business to Third Parties, especially marketing agencies. The only times when we legitimately provide client information to Third Parties is: to assist in law enforcement or when requested by a law enforcement agency for this purpose; or in order to complete services requested by our clients, which may require the use of a Third Party (e.g., registration of a Domain Name).

Redcentaur may, on occasion, use the information you have supplied to let you know about special offers and deals that may be of interest to you. We take great care to respect your privacy and to ensure that you don't receive annoying spam from us. If you are not interested in receiving this information, let us know and we will remove you from our mailing list.

Redcentaur reserves the right to publish information about recent clients and the work we have done. This will be focused on Redcentaur's work and will include, for example, images or links to web sites. Where applicable, personal information such as addresses will be redacted.

Complaints procedure

Redcentaur treats its customers fairly. In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please contact us and make your complaint known. If your complaint is valid, we will work to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. We will also use your complaint to learn lessons and improve our own processes for the future.


Our services are offered under contract and the payments due to us for those services are normally stipulated within the contract. For most design work, this usually includes a partial payment before work is begun and a final payment before delivery. In some circumstances, intermediate payments may also be considered; this is especially for large design projects and/or to suit the client's needs. Where the work includes hosting or business packages, which are contracts over a period of time, payment may be requested in whole or in part at the start of the contract, depending upon the nature of the contract.

Redcentaur is flexible in its payment options and seeks to meet its clients' budgets wherever possible. If you have a budget in mind, we can cater our services to meet your budget. However, it may not be possible to provide all of the functionality or services requested for the budget you have available.


Redcentaur will aim to deliver the services requested within the time frame offered. However, we cannot be held responsible for late delivery of any client-provided content, approvals or sign-off. Where a client fails to meet their obligations to provide relevant content in a suitable format, or delays approval, Redcentaur may either request the next stage payment at the appropriate time or, in exceptional circumstances, request final payment for the work.

Redcentaur is responsible for delivering work to the address provided by the client.