Leaflet design

Leaflet image Bookmark advertising for TA Aviation

Leaflets (and flyers) are an excellent way to promote your small business. They can be used as part of a hand-out campaign or included in a direct mailing to subscribers or regular users.

With a high-quality printed leaflet, you can be assured that your business will achieve maximum impact.

Leaflet advertising comes in a variety of forms. There are the more conventional A5-size card or paper handouts, but also the less conventional leaflets that are used today to promote businesses in a novel manner, including, for example, through bookmarks. Redcentaur is able to cater for most types of campaign and will work with you to ensure that everything is ready for the printer.

If you like, we can also use our regular printer and have the finished product delivered direct to your door.

This is an ideal entry-level advertising campaign, suitable for any new or existing business with a low marketing budget.

Estimating a cost for this service is difficult as it largely depends on size, format and content. On average, most conventional leaflets can be designed for as little as £130 (plus printing and delivery, if necessary).

Why not give us your details and ask for a free quote. We may be able to offer you a great deal.