About us

Established in 2005, Redcentaur offers a full digital service to clients, from design and development to hosting.

Our principles and why we started

Established in 2005, Redcentaur has experience in web and print layout, design and development. At that time, many individuals and agencies offered “web design skills”. They exploited market growth with little skill or craft. Very few provided insight into web accessibility, performance and metrics. Often, when challenged to justify their work, they had little understanding of anything other than the boilerplate templates they used for the last ten years.

We founded Redcentaur to bring knowledge, expertise and honesty to the market, focused on meeting best practices and industry standards every time. So, we offered compliance with accessibility, development and data management best practices on every build, not just those paying a premium for the service.

Our fundamental principles are:

  • to provide solutions for real business needs;
  • to only use technology where it is needed, not for its own sake; 
  • to hard boil standards compliance and best practices into our work streams;
  • to create solutions that clients want and will use; and,
  • to develop complex systems from simple foundations.

Principles in practice

We practice these principles in everything we do by ensuring that we focus on our clients and their customers. We aim to give clients powerful results with simple solutions to complex problems.

We prefer long relationships with our clients. Over time, our partnership develops along with our understanding. That way, when a client tells us about a business problem or a new goal, we find a solution with them.

Redcentaur works with its clients to create solutions. We don’t do this in isolation: our clients integrate with our project team during development and act as “the voice of the customer.” The client supplies insights into the project priorities to keep the project focused on what the client wants. It means that a project can change as it develops to meet the client’s changing needs. The client can highlight problems as the project progresses, removing the need for lengthy snagging at the end of a project. We can complete projects faster and reduce clients’ costs along the way.

Our technical approach

At Redcentaur, we never rely on one tool to solve every problem. In our experience, one software option is never the answer to every issue. While we specialise in Zend Framework and Laminas, we use other technologies when appropriate, including WordPress, PHP, Node, and javascript.

Web hosting and maintenance

We realised quickly that our clients wanted us to provide an end—to—end service. That is why we began providing hosting solutions and web maintenance.

Web site performance is only as good as its hosting platform. And a neglected or poorly maintained web site quickly becomes a liability. It needs regular maintenance for:

  • Speed: without support, your web site will become slower as your server wades through junk-cached pages, session cookies, database garbage, etc. Continuous maintenance helps to keep your web site running at optimum efficiency;
  • Security: security challenges and solutions continuously evolve. A secure web site today may not be secure tomorrow unless it receives regular patches and updates, and
  • Standards compliance: the internet is a moving target. Browser upgrades and technical changes cause continuous improvement to the standards that govern how the internet works. Having left a web site for several years, it will not comply with new specifications.

Our maintenance programmes help you consistently sustain required speeds, security levels and standards compliance.

Our build parameters include performance metrics. We aim to improve performance from build through to an ongoing maintenance programme.

Our hosting platform assures you of high-quality servers and fast page delivery. We are vigilant with the security and maintenance of our shared servers, VPS, Dedicated servers and other server propositions.