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Getting your branding right across all media is crucial. Your printed materials should align with the branding on your web site by linking your digital identity with your business cards, marketing, advertising, letterheads, invoices, catalogues, and anywhere your brand appears. We can help you to achieve this brand alignment.

In a nutshell…

Your brand is how your customers and staff associate your business with the services it provides. The importance of a clear and consistent brand is fundamental.

Often, prospective clients say this does not apply to them because their business is not a “big corporate”. One potential client suggested cobbling together a logo from Word Art™ is acceptable for a sole trader because “that’s what customers expect”. This depressing story shows a lack of respect for their customers and a lack of self–respect for their work. What may have been accurate in the 1980s is no longer the case, and it should not be a surprise that we did not work with this client.

If you are in business, you must have pride in what you do and respect your clients and staff. A distinct and consistent brand is fundamental to achieving this regardless of the size of your business. It means your work is identifiable in every channel you use, avoids confusion from different brand identities in various media, and fundamentally shows you are professional and proud of what you do.

Differing logos, colours, styles and voices in printed media, on your web site and in correspondence confuses customers and stops them from interacting with your business. This confusion can reduce your business and hit your revenue. So, your brand must be consistent across printed material—business cards, adverts, leaflets, letterheads, marketing, invoices, delivery notes, catalogues, etc.—and your printed material must align with your web site.

We help clients develop a consistent and distinct brand identity across all of their printed and digital media. Our knowledge of graphic design, layout, typography and colour offers our clients a simple service to support their business across all platforms.

Additionally, we help clients maintain the unity and alignment of their branding by creating brand guidelines for use by their business and anyone they work with in the future.

We like to automate and simplify things for our clients, so their work gets done quicker. When we create an invoice template, we make sure the calculations and the addition of VAT are automatic, for example. Every prototype we deliver—whether in web, print or an office application—supports your branding. Beneficial templates and prototypes include invoices, letterheads, delivery notes, printed forms, business cards, proposals, estimates, leaflets, advertising, etc.

Some clients ask us to carry the branding to their printed advertising campaigns. We deliver the final copy to the printers in their preferred format and meeting their print specification. As we liaise directly with the printers for our clients, we save them effort understanding the print specification and technical necessities of printing.

Branding strategy

In each service listed under the Print category, you will find brand and identity repeatedly. A brand is like the personality and signature of a business, shining through everything it says online and in print. So, why do so many companies neglect their brand by not developing a brand strategy?

Business stationery

Business stationery is a subtle and highly effective method of marketing your business. It is easy to overlook the impact of professionally designed business cards, compliment slips, letterheads, invoices, dispatch notes and receipts when aligned to a brand strategy.

Marketing materials

Marketing materials cover a massive range of printed matter used to advertise and market your business to customers and clients. Marketing materials cover anything from leaflets and flyers to promotional products (yes, including fridge magnets and keyrings), signs and posters to cards, clothing, bags and van livery.

Permanent print

Permanent print refers to printed material intended to last long-term, such as books, pamphlets, manuals and catalogues. These tend to need more consideration of typography and layout than branding but need just as much thought to make the right impact.