Category: Digital strategy

Creating a web site is only part of the story when successfully running an online business. Many strategic decisions need making, and developing your business requires focus and planning. Our consultation services help you to plan web site development and to review performance over time.

In a nutshell…

When you publish a web site, that’s not the end of the matter: it doesn’t just sit there generating leads and revenue for you like an unpaid sales team. Like every other part of your business, your web site needs continuous attention and updating to maintain its peak performance, relevance, and interest.

Not long ago, few businesses would have believed that mobile would overtake desktop internet use so quickly. Very few firms prepared their web sites to take advantage of this change in consumer behaviour. They were unable to take advantage of the multitude of different devices that quickly became available. 

But then Apple® caused a revolution on 29 June 2007 with the launch of the iPhone™, and suddenly everyone had a smartphone. When Apple launched the iPad™ on 3 April 2010, it revolutionised the internet again, and everyone had a tablet. 

In 2015, there were 1.91 billion smartphone users worldwide. In February 2015, the number of mobile–only internet users overtook the number of desktop–only users in the USA.

Google launched its algorithm update on 21 April 2015, widely called “#Mobilegeddon”. The intention was to increase the weight given to mobile-friendly web sites in search results. The update resulted in thousands of household names’ web sites falling down the rankings because they were not mobile–ready.

Our strategic planning services help you apply business planning principles to your ongoing web site strategy. We help you adapt to changes in the outside world that impact the performance of your web site. We can help you create your brand strategy, marketing plan, formulate style guidelines or brand strategy.

Our strategic planning services include various aspects of web site management in the modern age. These services cover, for example:

  • Accessibility strategy;
  • Brand strategy;
  • Content management strategy;
  • Marketing strategy;
  • Style guidelines; and,
  • Web site consultancy.

Our strategic planning services help you stay in touch with the changing face of the internet, including how consumers are using the internet and how you can move with them. We help you plan so that your web site remains aligned to legislation, regulatory changes, and standards updates as new practices appear.

Accessibility strategy

Ensuring your web services are usable by people with disabilities is as important as making sure that your premises are accessible if you own a shop. It's both the right thing to do, and you have a legal obligation in most places to do so. We can help you to meet your accessibility obligations.

Brand strategy

Your web site is your shop window, where your clients first make contact with your business. The first impression your web site creates should be consistent, clear, and effective. Devising and adopting a brand strategy is an excellent way of ensuring that your visual presence aligns with your brand values.

Content Management Strategy

There are two drivers of content management. They are fulfilling the expectations of your users and achieving your business objectives. A content strategy aims to provide authoritative, relevant content that is beneficial to your users, which will help you achieve your goals.

Marketing strategy

Every time you talk about your business, you are engaging in an opportunity to increase sales, whether that is online, in print or a conversation with your neighbour. A marketing strategy will help you to focus those opportunities into clear and concise messages.

Style guides

A style guide intends to improve clarity and meaning through a standardised layout and design. Many SMEs and Enterprises use style guides to provide writing and design standards to ensure consistency and best practice across media. 

Web consulting

Not sure about the direction your web site should take? Need help improving its performance? Not clear how your web site is helping your business objectives? Our web consulting services can help you uncover the steps to a bright new future for your web site.