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Here you can find our answer to the question “How do I register an account?”. You can find many answers to your questions in our FAQs.

How do I register an account?

Registering your account on this site allows you to manage your personal data more easily and enables you to participate in special offers and discounts that are made available to registered users on occasion. From your account profile, you are able to manage your subscription to our newsletter, change your personal details, as necessary, and check out exclusive special offers.

If you want to register your account, you must be an existing client for Redcentaur Design or Redcentaur Hosting: you will be unable to register until you are listed as a client because this web site does not offer services to the general public. If you are an existing client and you cannot register, please contact us to make sure that we have added you to our clients list within the application.

To register your account:
  1. Click on My account (link opens in a new window so you still have access to these instructions) in the main menu;
  2. On the right-hand side, click on Register an account (opens in a new window);
  3. Complete the User details form with a username, password, your email address (that we already hold for you), a security question and answer and confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions (new window). Then click on Register account;
  4. If all is successful, you are returned to the Sign-in page with a message saying “Your account has been created. Now sign in.”;
  5. Sign in using the username and password you just created;
  6. If your credentials (username/password) are correct, you are signed in and land on your Profile page.