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Here you can find our answer to the question “How do I temporarily unsubscribe from your newsletter?”. You can find many answers to your questions in our FAQs.

How do I temporarily unsubscribe from your newsletter?

We understand that there are many reasons why you might want to unsubscribe from our newsletter for a short period. I know it will be a wrench to be parted from such great news and information but it's understandable if you are on holiday that you don't want to come back to all those emails, including our poor old newsletter.

So, you can manage your subscription directly from your Profile page. If are subscribed, the details of your subscription will be shown and you can change your subscription details on your profile page directly. While you maintain your subscription details in our database you will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe, as you wish. 

If you decide to delete your details from the subscription database, you will not be subscribed to the newsletter and your details will be deleted from the newsletter database under our Right to be forgotten policy.