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What is a Dedicated Server?

With a shared hosting plan, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Hybrid server you are sharing a part of a large cloud cluster server or a physical server in various sizes of partition. Whenever a server or cloud is shared amongst several users, its resources, such as processing power, RAM memory and disk space, are distributed amongst those tenants as needed. By sharing these physical resources, the cost of providing the server to you is shared and so you get a lower-cost server, the lower the cost, the more the resources are divided.

A Dedicated server, though, is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a whole physical server that is dedicated to a single tenant. You have access to use all of the resources available to that server, you aren’t sharing them with other unknown tenants and you can use the server as you wish, with your own applications. 

The Dedicated server is suitable for important mission-critical objectives, applications with high-performance requirements and key websites with high traffic levels, as well as applications that require significant levels of security.

Our Dedicated servers offer you the flexibility to use every last ounce of resources for your own purposes, from behind our firewall. The server comes with either Linux or Windows operating systems and we can install either a Plesk or cPanel licence at additional cost.