Our case studies

When we develop projects for our clients, we like to tell people about the great work we do and how it helps businesses to succeed. Here, we provide a small selection of the case studies for projects we have worked on.


This list is not exhaustive because it would be very long and tedious.

Additionally, we sometimes work on commercially sensitive projects that we can’t discuss, or with other agencies, etc., for whose work we don’t claim credit!

Lands Village Hall Trust wanted some high–quality printed flyers and posters designed and printed to support a marketing campaign for their Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea. Having worked with the Trust on several projects and developed their branding guidelines, it was natural for the Trust to approach us to undertake this project.

Lands Village Hall asked us to design and print flyers and posters for a gin night they were hosting with The Herbal Gin Company, a local gin distillery that had agreed to work with the Trust for the event. Our brief was to design A5–sized flyers and A1–‚Ā†sized posters.

Lands Village Hall Trust asked us to design and layout their newsletter, to align with their new brand identity and web site.

Montezone UK asked us to provide hosting for the new web site we developed for them. The service involved hosting the web site on our servers, maintenance, and domain registration.

Lands Village Hall Trust asked us to provide a web presence for their charitable trust managing a local village hall. The trust had no web site for community use and desperately needed to provide a digital communication channel to show that it was modernising.

Develop an eye–catching logo for Lands Village Hall to use on all forms of correspondence, website, social media and JustGiving page. The logo must reflect the trust’s personality.

Montezone UK asked us to continue working with their brand identity by designing their business cards.

Montezone UK wanted a newsletter to distribute in PDF format. They asked us to provide the layout and design to align with their brand identity.

While we were developing the Association for European Transport’s (AET) web sites, they asked us to host and transfer their domain registrations on their behalf.

Montezone UK, as a new business venture, approached us to layout and design their business stationery, including letterhead, invoices, receipts, and parcel labels.

Having created Montezone UK’s logo and developed their web site, they approached us to design printed advertising for a specialist club magazine.

This project for the Association for European Transport (AET) developed a web site to submit, store, process, and publish abstracts and papers for the annual European Transport Conference.

The owner of Montezone UK asked us to build a web site for his new business. The web site had to meet a specific timescale for publication to align with the client’s business objectives.

Montezone UK asked us to produce a logo for their brand. The mark had to reflect a new, modern brand, distinct from its nearest competitors.

Sally Scarlett needed help understanding how to set up digital services for her new business and asked us for assistance.