Logo design

Montezone UK asked us to produce a logo for their brand. The mark had to reflect a new, modern brand, distinct from its nearest competitors.

Project details

Client: Montezone UK
Project: Logo design
Date: 05 Mar 2011


Montezone UK was a new business specialising in car parts for the Lancia Montecarlo, an Italian classic sports car from the 1970s and 80s. Montezone’s unique point of difference was that it was cheaper and offered better service than its competitors, and it wanted to reflect this in its logo and web site.

Our solution

Many of Montezone’s competitors used outlines of the car in their branding, and this type of logo has become a cliché in the classic car market. So, we decided not to go down this path.

Instead, we adopted the green, white, and red of the Italian flag to underline the business name.


The colours of the Italian flag gave us the colour scheme for the web site and other stationery.

The client was delighted with the mark. It offered a powerful and distinct brand that stood out from its competitors. The logo is used throughout Montezone UK’s business as a singular identity; whereas, some of its competitors have been unable to distinguish a unique label. The ability to differentiate was fundamental to Montezone’s success.


The project’s client required the project to be delivered quickly to meet his business objectives. While this was challenging, we stepped up to the line and provided the finished logos in time to meet the client’s deadline.

We aimed to provide a business mark that enabled Montezone UK to differentiate itself in the market. The logo we provided achieved that objective and was successful in attracting customers.

The client requested the logo in formats suitable for a range of uses, including uploading it to social media, using it on invoices and letterheads, and the website. We optimised the logo in a handful of different sizes before providing the logo in PNG. We also produced a versatile SVG file, which would enable the client to use the image in various sizes without losing its clarity.

Impacts of the project

The project delivered the clean, clear and distinct brand mark requested by the client.

Unlike the logos of its direct competitors, this client’s logo is striking and useable. The client found it simple to maintain its singular brand identity across its web site, printed materials and social media profiles. Meanwhile, its competitors often have widely different logos in use, sometimes on the same page of their web sites, giving a neurotic and disordered character to their operations.

The logo was perfect for the client, which found that the identity and mark drew many customers to their web site.

PDF download

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Project images

Montezone UK logo (SVG version)
Montezone UK logo (SVG version)
Montezone UK logo (PNG RGB version)
Montezone UK logo (PNG RGB version)
Montezone UK logo (PNG CMYK version)
Montezone UK logo (PNG CMYK version)