Print advertising

Having created Montezone UK’s logo and developed their web site, they approached us to design printed advertising for a specialist club magazine.

Project details

Client: Montezone UK
Project: Print advertising
Date: 31 Dec 2011


Montezone’s approach to printed advertising was the same as they used for their web site: 

  • clear, concise branding; 
  • excellent use of colour; and, 
  • crisp photography and uncomplicated typography. 

The client asked us to design adverts for the monthly club magazine. These adverts had to reflect their branding and retained the appeal of the Montezone business model.

Our solution

Through discussions with the newsletter producer, we obtained the printers’ specification. Then we designed various eye–catching layouts that aligned to Montezone’s identity. We were keen to create an easily repeatable design so that readers became familiar with and recognised the new brand.

After deciding the preferred layout with the client, we began the detailed design of the first advert. It was an introduction to Montezone and an invitation to visit the web site.

Future adverts increased in detail and scope. Occasionally, we added interest with background images to prevent the adverts from becoming monotonous and stayed.


The adverts drove traffic directly to the web site. Following the publication of each advert, the web site witnessed spikes in traffic. Such traffic lingered on the web site for longer and viewed more content than average. 

We occasionally varied the impact of the advertising through background photography or seasonal imagery. Such techniques helped keep the advertising fresh and engaging for readers.


The adverts appeared in an A5–sized magazine. This size is problematic for copy and often results in small–sized typography. We mitigated this challenge by limiting the number of elements in each advert and maximising the copy space.

Impacts of the project

The printed adverts were always sharp, clear, and professional. In every edition of the publication, Montezone’s adverts stood out from the others.

Feedback taken from the client and readers suggested that the adverts were well received and succeeded in their aims. The adverts were positively responsible for increased traffic on the web site and increased sales.

PDF download

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Project images

Montezone UK print advert in publication
Montezone UK print advert in publication
Montezone UK print advert standard layout design
Montezone UK print advert standard layout design
Montezone UK print advert occasional seasonal highlights
Montezone UK print advert occasional seasonal highlights