Business stationery design

Montezone UK, as a new business venture, approached us to layout and design their business stationery, including letterhead, invoices, receipts, and parcel labels.

Project details

Client: Montezone UK
Project: Business stationery design
Date: 10 Jun 2012


Montezone wanted a distinctive design and layout for their business stationery to align closely with the logo and brand identity we already created for them.

The designs would cover letterhead, invoice, receipt and parcel label templates in either spreadsheet or word processing software. The layouts we provided should also translate to other printed or digital media, as required; so for example, we could create a presentation template based on the design principles already produced.

Our solution

The client agreed we would create templates for office software, such as Microsoft™ Office®, or Open Document software, such as LibreOffice™ or OpenOffice™. These templates could be installed in an office software package and used when required.

We created a series of templates covering most of the client’s business needs. The templates used Montezone’s logo, which we devised, and continued the design principles we used in their web site.


The templates we produced helped the client to create documents and other business correspondence quickly and easily. Using the templates allowed the business to spend time usefully; rather than fiddling with the position of an address on a letter.

The templates were consistent with the other media we created. Whatever media a customer engaged with, they found a consistent brand identity, which proved invaluable to the client and their business.

The templates we provided were professional and well designed. The client was able to use them in their business immediately.


The only challenge was ensuring the templates worked as expected in the client’s office software. With our experience with most of the available office software, we produced templates that worked. While the client used LibreOffice, the templates would work with Microsoft Office and any number of other packages.

Impacts of the project

This project made a difference to the client’s business by improving office efficiency and creating a professional impression with customers.

Small businesses can waste time trying to create consistent correspondence, whether letters, invoices or receipts. It is possible to save many increments of time using professionally produced bespoke templates.

PDF download

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Project images

Montezone UK stationery (dispatch note)
Montezone UK stationery (dispatch note)
Montezone UK stationery (invoice)
Montezone UK stationery (invoice)
Montezone UK stationery (letterhead)
Montezone UK stationery (letterhead)
Montezone UK stationery (receipt)
Montezone UK stationery (receipt)