Develop an eye–catching logo for Lands Village Hall to use on all forms of correspondence, website, social media and JustGiving page. The logo must reflect the trust’s personality.

Project details

Client: Lands Village Hall
Project: Logo
Date: 19 Mar 2020


Lands Village Hall Trust is a charitable trust in need of an image makeover. The trust intended to build a web site and belatedly tap into social media. Previously, the trust had no experience of digital media or social media.

They asked us to develop a new, modern logo to reflect the Trustees changes and the charity’s new direction. The consistent logo and stationery had to reflect a more professional and well–managed approach. This initial project was the first of a broader works package that would create the professional image the trust required.

However, the trust did not want the logo to be too glossy or swish: it still needed to be grounded as the organisation was, after all, a modest concern.

Our solution

Our approach to this project was collaborative, involving the trust’s Management Committee. We quickly walked through several different iterations and options, offering alternatives and requesting preferences. At each stage, we asked for the members’ preferences and explained the benefits and consequences of various options.

Using the selected options, we devised new alternatives, iterating through options until we finally arrived at a popular choice. We tested the final choice against some of the previously dismissed options to ensure that it was a good fit.


We delivered a great logo to the trust within a matter of a few days. The trust’s team were happy with the final logo form; it reflected the past signage on the hall but modernised and dramatically improved it.

We provided the logo in various digital formats to enable the trust to use it flexibly. We gave the trust PNG files for general use and SVG to scale it effectively.

The product was clean, fresh and modern. It identifies the charity clearly, and the outline around the name suggests enclosure, safety and trust.


The project started just as the UK began enforcing COVID–19 restrictions. That was the biggest challenge to the project because it prevented us from meeting the committee to discuss any aspects of the process in person. The project was entirely completed during the first UK lockdown when it was impossible to meet people outside of your immediate household.

Through exceptional communication and a determination to be involved in the project, we used WhatsApp® to keep the project moving forward. Having WhatsApp as the primary communication channel was troublesome, but it allowed everyone to see the same options with an opportunity to comment and vote on preferences. As the team members saw later iterations of the logo design incorporate the decisions previously made, they felt involved and empowered.

Impacts of the project

The logo helps the trust project its professionalism and trustworthiness. These are critical factors when asking people to make donations and support a small charity. The use of the logo across all of the trust’s channels, including social media and charity web pages, has already seen an increase in donations.

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Project images

Lands Village Hall logo
Lands Village Hall logo
LVH logo in SVG format
LVH logo in SVG format